Country Life: blending innovation and tradition

December 2019| 130 views

Unconventional coffee tables reimagined from windows and doors.

At Country Life, experience sentiments of Sri Lankan tradition adorned in indoor and outdoor décor at a harmonious lifestyle boutique.

Words Tatiyana Welikala.

Photographs Menaka Aravinda.

Bringing forth their love for design and art, Kanishka and Purnima Wijesinghe co-founded Country Life in 2004 to offer ethnic-inspired home décor to their discerning clientele. Country Life is an expansive store of artistry. It is filled with intricate figurines, sculptures of the Buddha exuding serenity, furniture reimagined from castoff window frames, doors, and door frames, wall art, and a collection of brass trinkets. These are arranged expertly so that the visitor witnesses an attractive embellishment with every gaze.

The numerous pieces at Country Life are personalized according to the customer’s preference. The store collaboratively works with Sri Lankan artisans to seamlessly blend handcrafted designs to any shape, size, and color. Country Life further specializes in creating unique wall decor, and candle stands from wrought iron and customizes handloom bedspreads, table runners, and cushion covers.

Country Life continues to place focus on blending the contemporary with tradition and to preserve the awe-inspiring design heritage of Sri Lanka.

Amidst the plethora of esthetic interior solutions, a unique selection of coffee and breakfast tables have been designed from all old window frames and doors. Vibrant temple art and traditional Sri Lankan motifs have been recreated onto old wooden windows, adding color to the store. A vangediya (mortar) has been transformed into an attractive work of interior décor with bright floral patterns. A tea set carved from coconut shells further enhances the store’s innovative outlook.

Country Life’s creativity is evident in the beautifully sculpted statues, which are made out of fiberglass. The material allows artisans to illustrate finer details in the sculptures. Cement and dolomite have been used to chisel some Buddha statues. The figurines of deities have a vintage outlook, thus capturing the essence of heritage. Finely sculpted, they emanate an aura of tranquility in the store.

Customers can browse through the assortment of collectibles at their own pace. The arrangement of the store is unconventional; it delivers a captivating view at every turn the customer takes around the well-lit store. The staff members are well versed in the history relating to each object. They will elaborate on the inspiration behind the craftsmanship.

The store features an exclusive selection of products that offers customers the opportunity to uniquely furnish their living spaces.

Country Life continues to place focus on blending the contemporary with tradition and to preserve the awe-inspiring design heritage of Sri Lanka.

Country Life; 829/1, Kotte Road, Ethul Kotte, Kotte; (+94 11) 287 3082

[email protected];

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9am – 7pm;

Saturday and Sunday 9am – 6pm 

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