Lady J: experiential retailing at its finest

December 2019| 960 views

Lady J offers experiential retailing in the suburbs of Maharagama.

A lifestyle store covering four floors of retail space, Lady J offers a myriad of goods all under one roof.

Located in the bustling suburbs of Maharagama, visitors can discover a range of merchandise from jewelry, cosmetics, stationery to homeware, fabrics and sport equipment. Go forth exploring and be amazed with the extensive selection of stylish clothes for ladies, gents and children occupying the upper floors of the high-rise structure.

Lady J boasts of everyday essentials and invites customers to shop for all their needs in the most comfortable shopping environment.

Lady J expanded from the original store known as Kotuwe Kade in Galle Fort, founded by J G Sumanapala and Dharmalatha Akurugoda. Today, the flagship store of Lady J is in Borella and has a sister chain company, Manjari in Nugegoda and Galle.

Anuruddha Wijerathne, Managing Director, Lady J continues his parents-in-law’s establishment by providing quality products at an affordable price. Lady J is a purpose-built store, thus encompassing experiential retail. This concept offers customers the full shopping experience, which includes amenities such as a cafeteria, an express food counter, a kids play area and ample parking. The store’s customer-centric philosophy can be observed at every touch point. Identifying customer demographic and modern family needs, prams for infants are available, so parents can shop leisurely. A private mother’s room provides free nappies and a feeding area so that mothers can enjoy a day of shopping. Furthermore, customers with special needs have access to wheelchair assistance as well.

A key feature at Lady J is value for money. Shoppers can find something that appeals to every requirement according to their budget. The assortment of items is neatly displayed on shelves, so customers can browse through the spacious store at their own pace. Women and men can find a range of  contemporary office wear, casual and evening wear. The kids section includes colorful and fun outfits. The vibrant and intricate patterns of fabrics and curtains will draw onlookers towards its dedicated space. Lady J is probably the largest homeware store in Sri Lanka. The store’s extensive collection caters to all personal and corporate requirements. Customers can purchase products in bulk as well. Lady J is well-known among tourists and Sri Lankans who live and work abroad.

The bright ambiance of the store is enhanced with soothing colors and warm lighting. Amidst the array of products on display, one can be tempted by the vast selections. Lady J strives to promote responsible purchasing with encouraging quotes such as, ‘Don’t buy whatever you see, buy whatever is necessary for you’, as seen posted on the elevators. Anuruddha Wijerathne, Managing Director explained, “As a responsible organization, we want to promote sustainable consumer spending. The store has a lot of products but we advise our customers to spend wisely. It is a value my father-in-law followed and this is what laid the foundation for us to develop into the next level of retail.”

Lady J invites families to visit the outlet on the weekends and indulge in some retail therapy. Creating togetherness, convenience along with value addition is an aspiration of Lady J.

Lady J, 114, High Level Road,


(+94 11) 448 8888;;

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9.30am – 8.30pm;

Closed on Monday and Poya day;

Open on all days during the festive seasons. 

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