‘Let’s Sea’ seafood by Heritance Negombo

December 2019| 319 views

Diners can indulge in a delicious seafood experience from starters to mains.

The ‘Let’s Sea’ Sunday seafood lunch buffet introduced by Heritance Negombo boasts of traditional cuisine crafted with recipes passed down for generations. The endless spread at Heritance Negombo features a variety of delectable cuisine crafted by the talented team of chefs. The buffet consisting of over 40 food items is laid out at the Bluetan restaurant, a modern space awakened by the views of the sea and the subtle pop of vibrant tones. The seafood lunch buffet is available every Sunday from 12.30pm to 2.30pm.

The experience begins with a massive spread of starters offering guests a pour of healthy options, each exceptional in its balance of texture and flavor. The salads are infused with a taste of the ocean, the marinated octopus and king crab are mouthwatering items in the starter menu. The lunch consists of a wide variety of mains, including traditional Sri Lankan and Caribbean spiced fish cooked in any form the diners prefer. Oyster lovers can choose the type of dressings, shooters and condiments at the oyster bar to explore different flavorful appellations. A team of chefs can be found preparing lobster in the live cooking station placed in a lively atmosphere just outside of the restaurant. Diners can indulge in an exquisite seafood experience here.

A highlight of the lunch is the traveling action stations, one with the ‘magic sticks’ consisting of boneless fish marinated overnight and grilled to perfection along with prawns and other seafood meat.

To wind up the extravagant celebration of seafood, the next traveling station that arrives at your table is the innovative dessert offering. Laid out on a transparent slab, this is an assortment of flavors – from mango and raspberry jellies to sorbets to delicious chocolaty surprise.