Rasa Medicine Practitioner receives recognition

December 2019| 139 views

Dr Chandrika Algama Kularathne, co-owner of Sri Mangala Rasa Osuhala with the award.

Dr Chandrika Algama Kularathne, co-owner of Sri Mangala Rasa Osuhala in Moratuwa was recognized with the MASSCO Award of Excellence 2019 and the Nelson Mandela Peace Award 2019, in recognition of achieving business excellence in dispensing, promoting and fostering Rasa medicine therapy in Sri Lanka. The MASSCO Awards was organized by the Sri Lanka Mass Communicators Association. Dr Kularathne won the gold award for achieving business excellence in her field of work. Dr Kularathna and her husband, Dr R L Kularathne provide state-of-the-art treatments to patients from across the world through their Sri Mangala Rasa Osuhala, which excels in specialty care. This accolade was especially bestowed on Dr Kularathne for restoring the sight of two visually impaired students of the School for the Deaf and Blind in Ratmalana through non-surgical treatment. In October 2019, Dr Kularathne accepted the Nelson Mandela Peace Award, which was organized by the Lanka Achievers Foundation. She won the award for Individual Achievement for Business Excellence and Social Development. The award was an acknowledgement of her servant-leader role that she played in her profession to serve people. 

“We have treated countless number of patients, who required surgery, but were successfully treated through Rasa medicine after seeking treatment from our hospital. Their testimonies prove the yeoman service that we have done to society through a non-invasive methods of treatment,” said Dr Kularathne. As a specialist in this Indian Vedic science, Rasa medicine therapy combines the essence of minerals and herbs, with the wisdom of ancient healing techniques. With over three decades of experience and knowledge in the field of Rasa medicine therapy, the duo continue to revive the hopes of patients who are suffering from chronic and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, renal failure, liver related diseases, arthritis, paralysis, cholesterol and Parkinson’s disease and various forms of cancer.

Apart from practicing the Rasa medicine successfully in Sri Lanka, Dr Kularathne explained that the duo have been on a quest to develop this alternative field of medicine through research, thereby ensuring that it is sustained and becomes advanced to provide better and superior treatment to the increasing number of chronic ailments. She said that the awards were in recognition of achieving business excellence in practicing Rasa medicine, while using it to bring healing to people who had no hope of a cure through modern medicine.