A Golden Tribute to Mrs World 2020 by Vogue Jewellers

January 2020| 695 views

Mrs World Caroline Jurie lights the traditional oil lamp while her husband looks on.

Vogue Jewellers paid a golden tribute to Mrs World 2020, Caroline Jurie at a ceremony held in the presence of Rosy Senanayake, Mrs World 1984 and Mayor of Colombo. Rosy Senanayake too was paid a golden tribute by Vogue Jewellers.

A magnificent, one-of-a-kind Empress Necklace of Sri Lanka’s first branded 22 karat jewellery – Vogue Tusker Collection was gifted to Mrs World 2020 – Caroline Jurie on this occasion while Rosy Senananyake was gifted a 22 karat gold Vogue Tusker Golden Truffle Chain. The Vogue Tusker Collection is a bold, elegant and versatile collection that accentuates natural beauty with effortless glamor.

(L–R): Chandimal Jayasinghe, National Director, Mrs Sri Lanka for
Mrs World; Rosy Senanayake, Mrs World 1984 and Mayor of Colombo; Mrs World Caroline Jurie; Chandra Hemachandra, Chairperson, Vogue Jewellers; Anura Hemachandra, Managing Director, Vogue Jewellers; and Samantha Hemachandra, Director, Vogue Jewellers.

“In every era, there arises a majestic icon symbolic of strength, prestige and fame. A very few of these icons endure the tests of time, to attain an eternal place in the world’s eye. The majestic  Tusker is one such icon. Similarly, with Caroline Jurie being crowned as Mrs World 2020, emerges another international icon from Sri Lanka”, said Anura Hemachandra, Managing Director, Vogue Jewellers. While he added, “Just as Rosy Senanayake brought much fame to Sri Lanka when she was crowned Mrs World back in 1984. Vogue Jewellers, as the most internationally recognized jeweler in Sri Lanka is delighted to pay a golden tribute to these queens of beauty and talent who have out-shined not only in our motherland but across the world too. Vogue Jewellers has been in the forefront of quality from its very inception, which has given it its reputation for creating the finest pieces in the country. We have relentlessly focused on highest quality standards. Encouraging and recognizing excellence has been a tradition at Vogue,” stated

The Empress Necklace gifted to Mrs World 2020, Caroline Jurie is a regal embellishment meticulously hand- crafted in 22 karat gold with purest orange Agate and pure brilliance SWAROVSKY Cubic Zirconia. The 22 karat gold and the pure Agate Vogue Tusker Golden Truffle Chain that was gifted to Rosy Senanayake is an imperial classic that interlaces Sri Lankan heritage with modern sophistication.

Vogue Jewellers has felicitated several famed shining stars including former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai with a 22Kt gold necklace with a large Amethyst, a 18Kt gold Ruby-studded Cricket Ball to renowned cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan, wedding jewelery to Sri Lanka’s legendary sprint athlete and Olympic Silver Medalist, Susanthika Jayasinghe, and an exclusive gold medal with ‘Sa’ logo to vetaran musician Dr Victor Ratnayake at his last ‘Sa’ concert.

Mrs World Caroline Jurie with Anura Hemachandra, Managing Director, Vogue Jewellers;
Samantha Hemachandra, Director, Vogue Jewellers and their son Anuradha Hemachandra
and daughter Madara Hemachandra.