Defining Refinement Sacoor Brothers Launched by Odel

January 2020| 254 views

Sacoor Brothers offers a contemporary menswear collection for any occasion.

The premium Portuguese men’s formalwear brand – Sacoor Brothers was launched in Sri Lanka by Odel Department Store at One Galle Face Mall.

Sacoor Brothers with their motto of ‘defining refinement’ was founded in 1989 as a small fashion retail store catering exclusively for men. The brand is now an international phenomenon, with over 100 stores worldwide. Since its inception, Sacoor Brothers have focused on elevating the experience of its customers – replicating the cozy comfort of the streets of Lisbon, Portugal. To date, all patrons are welcomed to lounge and feel right at home as they shop for their favorite styles in the store.

Creating the perfect balance between custom-made styles and off the shelf, Sacoor Brothers offers the convenience of a high quality garment that is made to fit, with a team of tailors in-house who are dedicated to ensuring that the customers receive the perfect fit, on the house. Customers are welcomed to lounge, sip a cup of espresso and feel right at home while they watch the resident tailors alter their suit to precision. They strongly emphasize on ‘exceeding the customer expectations to the next level’.

Patrons are invited to experience their luxury premium brand.

The brand offers a wide array of menswear to suit every occasion, spanning from exclusive tailored suits, premium shirts, sweaters, cardigans, jackets, polos and chinos. The collection also includes an array of accessories such as formal shoes, loafers, wallets, ties, bags and pocket squares. Superior in terms of functionality as well as style, the products are sourced and manufactured directly from Portugal using the finest of material. Sacoor Brothers is all about craft pieces that reflect emotion, aesthetics and a deep appreciation for culture.

“We are excited to launch our first store in Sri Lanka at Odel Department Store in One Galle Face Colombo. The quality of our brand and the world class service of Sacoor Brothers is at the heart of everything we do, and we felt that Odel was the perfect partner to showcase this. We are confident that our arrival at Odel marks the start of a successful and exciting journey” added Bart Denolf, CEO of Franchising at Sacoor Brothers.

“The needs of the consumers in Sri Lanka are increasing in complexity, especially in terms of fashion. With the youth of the country becoming more worldly, embracing international travel and the use of technology to stay ahead of the times, our offering as fashion and lifestyle retailers need to match these expectations. By bringing down superior global fashion brands and partnering with international retail giants such as Sacoor Brothers, Odel aims to meet these expectations. As a group, Softlogic always aims to stay relevant, and offer our audience the best of all experiences. This is one step in that mission, as we offer the men’s formalwear market in Sri Lanka with that much needed international touch with Sacoor Brothers”, commented Ashok Pathirage, Chairman, Softlogic Holdings.

Sacoor Brothers offers exclusive tailored suits.