Turret Introduces Frédérique Constant and Alpina Watch Brands

January 2020| 144 views

(L–R): Faizal Mahuroof, Head of Luxury, Turret; Williams Besse, International Sales Director, Frédérique Constant and Alpina; C Amrit Canagaretna, Director – Strategic Investments, Turret;
Jawzi Dastakeer and Jezmi Dastakeer, Directors, Royal Lanka Agencies.

Two globally renowned Swiss watch brands, Frédérique Constant and Alpina were launched by Turret. Turret is a luxury brand boutique with an exclusive collection of luxury watch brands, globally reputed iconic writing instruments and high quality leather accessories.

The introduction of Frédérique Constant and Alpina adds appeal and allure to Turret’s existing collection of luxury, making it the perfect venue for Sri Lanka’s luxury connoisseurs and high-end clientele. The Frédérique Constant brand, which commenced in 1988 has been evolving over time to include a variety of revolutionary discoveries such as the Tourbillon, the Silicon Escapement Wheel device and Worldtimer. Mixing passion with enthusiasm, Frédérique Constant uses cutting-edge computer design software to assist in the design and development process of its timepieces. The models are built, component by component, layer by layer, which in turn defines the manufacturing process for the watch itself.

A chic collection of Alpina watches.

Alpina, as far back as 1883, has been associated with horological innovation. Given its quality, durability, precision and design, the brand’s intention was to provide sportsmen, engineers, technicians and adventurers with the ideal watch. Alpina turned its vision into reality with the introduction of the ‘Alpina 4’ concept in 1938, when the brand revolutionized the sports watch by imposing the four essential principles for the true ‘sport watch’. The brand, thus insisted that a sports watch had to be anti-magnetic; anti-shock; water-resistant and that its casing had to be of stainless steel, four superlative characteristics that have stood the ground to make the Alpina, a sport’s brand watch to reckon with. Through strict adherence to these unmatched principles and properties, the legendary ‘Alpina 4’ has become the timekeeper of choice for Alpinists, Air Force pilots, Master Divers, the Navy and the Military.

Williams Besse, International Sales Director, Frédérique Constant and Alpina elaborated on the uniqueness of the brands and the launch of their new collection to Sri Lanka. He also emphasized on the brands’ strengths and privileges: being one of the firsts to have Swiss-made smart watches, introducing yearly innovative collections, brand competitiveness, manufacture movement including in-house design, produce and assembling.

C Amrit Canagaretna, Director of Strategic Investments, Turret said, “We are very much privileged to be part of the Frédérique Constant group and being appointed as the sole agent for the two luxury brands in Sri Lanka. We at Turret are passionate in what we do and are focused on driving our brands to the discerning and high network clientele.”

Frédérique Constant and Alpina are two highly acclaimed Swiss watch brands to come on board of Turret’s unique brand portfolio. The exclusive timepieces represent an element of distinctive international glamor and opulence that is ideal for the bold and the beautiful.

A luxurious range of Frédérique Constant watches on display.