‘Let’s Sea’: A Seafood Gastronomy in Negombo

February 2020| 256 views

Diners can witness live action from the grilling station.

Negombo, a bustling tourist destination, with its sunny beaches, colonial heritage, an array of resorts and restaurants and delicious seafood, there is much to discover in the lively town. Among the array of choices of seafood gourmets, Heritance Negombo offers a one-of-kind Sunday special seafood buffet that will certainly tingle your taste buds.

Words Tatiyana Welikala.

Photographs Menaka Aravinda.

Sunday is perfect for families and friends to enjoy a lovely day out together and Negombo is just the place to experience a wonderful time. Heritance Negombo, a picturesque beachside hotel of the Aitken Spence Group, with its well-manicured lawns and panoramic views of the ocean, invites guests to come and indulge in a relaxing holiday or relish in a delicious lunch buffet. ‘Let’s Sea’ by Heritance Negombo is an exclusive seafood experience that is served at the Bluetan Restaurant.

Located on the ground floor, Bluetan is airy dining space, furnished with a warm interior and includes a live-action station, where guests can view the culinary skills of the chefs. The large open windows as well as the out-door dining option, allow guests breathtaking views of the ocean, further complementing the seafood journey they are about to unravel.

‘Let’s Sea’ seafood lunch buffet boasts of an endless spread of mouthwatering seafood dishes. The concept of ‘Let’s Sea’ is to promote Negombo as a destination through its food and to support local communities. As a city close to the international airport, Negombo is also one of the key transition areas for tourists. During the peak of the industry, street food culture in Negombo was strong, presenting many livelihood options to the fishermen. At its current phase of recovery, many of these fishermen along with agri farmers of the area are at a crossroad. It is for this reason that Heritance Negombo’s Sunday seafood lunch is prepared with ingredients from local suppliers. All produce used is from the community to help uplift their livelihoods.

Madhava Ehelamalpe, Executive Chef of Heritance Negombo explains, “We offer guests an exceptional seafood menu. Negombo is well known for its traditional fishing industry. All seafood curated for our menu is sourced freshly on Sunday morning from the ‘Lellama’. We offer a wonderful seafood buffet every Sunday.” The delectable dishes encompass a variety of fish as well as oysters, cuttlefish, prawns, crabs, lobsters and octopus. The seafood, preserved on ice are freshly prepared upon a guest’s choosing. Chefs expertly grill, bake or stir-fry, as enticing aromas waft through the air.

The oyster bar is another opportunity to explore tantalizing flavors. Guests can choose various dressings, including food-based caviars, shooters and condiments to complete their dish. The main buffet menu includes traditional Sri Lankan dishes to accommodate the main seafood. There is also a fusion section, which serves pickled, tempered and fried seafood that make delicious add-ons. A seafood salad counter, completes the entire experience. The dessert buffet comprises delicate sweets.

The traveling action stations are the highlight of the buffet. The trolley, known as the ‘magic sticks’,  consists of kebabs with marinated fish, prawns and other mixed seafood. A chef drives the trolley around the restaurant, for guests to witness the preparations and serves up a delicacy at their table. A dessert station too arrives at the guest’s table and a talented pastry chef lays out a glass slab, displaying their skills to create a sweet delight – from raspberry to mango jellies, sorbets and unique coco shells, filled with surprising flavors.

Amidst soothing jazz tunes playing in the restaurant, ‘Let’s Sea’ is ideal to indulge in an exquisite seafood journey, Your Sunday itinerary will be filled with good food, a relaxing atmosphere and as the night begins, explore the cheerful vibes of Lewis Place, Negombo 

Heritance Negombo;

Bluetan Restaurant;

175, Lewis Place, Negombo;

Reservations: (+94) 76 877 6710

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‘Let’s Sea’: 12.30pm–2.30pm Sundays.