‘Ayurvie Sigiriya’ by Theme Resorts & Spas

March 2020| 433 views

Theme Resorts & Spas has launched a second addition to the ‘Ayurvie’ series, ‘Ayurvie Sigiriya’. The retreat was ceremoniously inaugurated by Her Grace the Duchess of Rutland Emma Manners. The Duchess, who was on an ayurvedic wellness tour in Sri Lanka, was the first guest at Ayurvie Sigiriya to experience Sri Lankan Ayurveda Panchakarma, Buddhist meditation and yoga. The tour was facilitated by LYLIS Holistic Travels in Europe and Connaissance de Ceylan and Theme Resorts & Spas.

Ayurvie Sigiriya offers a range of treatments to their guests after a one- on-one consultation with the in-house Ayurvedic Physician. Daily treatments are prescribed with the aim of rebalancing the forms of energy that constitutes in the body (doshas). Wholesome dishes prepared with organic fruits and vegetables produced in the property’s gardens are served based on the advice of the Ayurvedic Physician. The primary focus of each meal is to enhance positivity for the health of the guests.

In designing Ayurvie Sigiriya, Theme Resorts & Spas has opted for earthbag constructions, which are capable of meeting the structural needs with lower energy and material con- sumption. The ten-room accommodation and its interiors reflect traditional village homes in Sri Lanka. Thus, providing a comfortable living space for

the guests experiencing the healing of their body and mind. The retreat features a beautifully positioned swim- ming pool, overlooking the paddy fields and a yoga mandapa built in the back- ground of the serene natural environ- ment. Guests can try their hands at creativity and craftsmanship at the pottery workshop or enjoy traditional live music playing at the restaurant. Ayurvie Sigiriya offers a lively experience to those who seek to rediscover themselves in ayurvedic goodness, surrounded by the serene countryside.

Ayurvie Sigiriya,
Avudangawa, Sigiriya; themeresorts. com/ayurviesigiriya; (+94 11) 738 6386