OSC Scholarship Programme

March 2020| 122 views

OSC Scholarship Programme 

With a reputation of being Sri Lanka’s oldest internationally accredited educational institution that is completely focused on developing every student to achieve their full potential, the Overseas School of Colombo (OSC) caters to the needs of the internationally mobile expatriate community as well as Sri Lankan students.

Among the host of benefits that OSC offers within its multi-national English medium international school setting is the ‘OSC Scholarship Programme’ that seeks highly capable students ready to contribute to the community, excel academically, and grow personally, to join its student population.

The scholarship programme is available to Sri Lankan students who exhibit exceptional academic ability, critical thinking, and strong leadership skills.

The programme provides a remarkable opportunity to students who can contribute academically, since it allows them to enjoy the multiple benefits available to all other students at the school.

Every scholarship recipient that joins OSC’s student community will have the opportunity to become active learners, while being encouraged to understand how they learn, how they connect learning, and how they apply learning.

The rigorous curriculum and a balanced range of assessment methods ensure that students obtain a world-class education along with a comprehensive course of study that provides a solid base in all areas of knowledge and teaching philosophy aimed at developing a student as a whole.

This comprehensive process of student development prepares them for one of the most challenging phases of their lives – namely, obtaining entrance to a university; which OSC’s rigorous learning and inquiry- based approach accompanied by a qualifica- tion that is widely respected by universities worldwide, leads to acceptance to top uni- versities and advanced college placement.

The well-rounded and balanced approach to education in a holistic environment is very much in practice at the Overseas School of Colombo with exposure to community ser- vice, which fosters a sense of responsibil- ity and involvement in the community. Students can gain first-hand experience of being part of an international community while sharing a common bond with students from all over the world.

The scholarship programme is available only to highly capable candidates who are Sri Lankan nationals between the ages of 14-18, who are not already enrolled with The Overseas School of Colombo and who must have either completed grade eight, GCE Local O/Levels and/or London O/Levels by December.

The scholarship award grants partial or full tuition waivers to selected students. The amount payable by scholarship recipients for an academic year will be equivalent to what they would pay to continue their stud- ies at their current school.

The extraordinary commitment of a highly qualified team of teachers has brought OSC the personal excellence that it can proudly lay claim to. Experienced teachers who are committed to the needs of all students, ensure the right balance, with state-of-the- art technology, facilities and resources.

The Overseas School of Colombo is a cul- turally diverse community with students, parents, and staff working in harmony, and the scholarship programme strives to attract the crème de la crème of students to enhance its cultural, linguistic and social diversity, exert leadership, and help root The Overseas School of Colombo in the Sri Lankan context.

The closing date for applications: March 15, 2020. Further details can be obtained by contacting the admissions department of the Overseas School of Colombo or visiting the school website