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Furnished and decorated in beautiful pastel hues that are reminiscent of ice cream flavors, Yasmin’s exudes a pleasant ambiance where one can enjoy artisan ice cream, cake, and coffee.

Words Udeshi Amarasinghe. | Photographs Menaka Aravinda.

Situated on the mezzanine floor of Masterpieces showroom on the Thalawathugoda Road in Madiwela, Kotte, Yasmin’s is a quaint and bright space. It had always been a dream of Yasmin Cader, a prominent PR and Event Management personality, to have a café in her own name someday. And, that dream became a reality when her friend Sheriff of Masterpieces invited her to open a café at their flagship store. “I was initially shown a different space within the premises but I said I preferred the mezzanine floor and if that could be offered I would be interested,” explained Yasmin Cader.

The entire project was completed within two weeks where she decided on the layout and the design with Masterpieces manufacturing, the furniture according to her requirement. “I love a challenge”, she said.

A beautiful bright blue was selected for the interior with furniture and other elements providing splash- es of color that are elegant and chic. Though there is limited space, COVID-19 health regulations are adhered to where the one-meter distance has been maintained in all sitting arrangements.

Yasmin’s serves a delectable selection of artisan ice creams from Carinos, which also includes vegan varieties. While one can decide to have an ice cream scoop or two, delicious sundaes and milkshakes are served as well. “Carinos ice cream is owned by my cousin and their factory is only a couple of roads away, which makes everything very convenient”, explained Yasmin. The classic Italian coffee brews include expresso, Americano, latte, cappuccino and much more. While hot cups of home- made tea are served as well.

Deciding to offer cake from the Cake Factory, Yasmin kept things simple by serving only coffee cake, ribbon cake and chocolate cake. Since customers were asking for a savory option as well, waffles were introduced to the menu where it is served with either a scoop of ice cream, a chicken topping or a mushroom topping for vegetarians.

Yasmin’s is an ideal place to relax and enjoy a pleasurable time with friends and family. Furthermore, with many working from home, the café also provides a space to work. Teams are welcome to have discussions and meetings. And, with prior notice small gatherings of friends and family can be held at Yasmin’s. While the

Masterpieces showroom displays furniture, there are outlets for clothing and other home décor requirements. Thus, providing a shopping experience to those who visit Yasmin’s.

As evening turns to dusk the well lit up premises exudes a beautiful ambiance where Yasmin’s will treat you to a true dessert experience.

Opening hours: 11am to 9pm, Tuesday to Sunday (Closed on Monday)
477 Thalawathugoda Road Madiwela, Kotte (+94 11) 343 1400 [email protected]