Last Page of the Textbook

January 2021| 20 views

Till January 14

Muvindo Binoy’s exhibition at the Saskia Fernando Gallery is by far a theme, it’s a deliberation of the mixed bag of contemplation and process every real text book carries. Bringing together the mixed effect and the explosive energy of the artist himself. Giving a glimpse into the vibrant psyche of a millennial Sri Lankan coming out un- compromised during the time of a global pandemic, in different forms of expression. Binoy’s narrative spreads across visual and graphical mixes, uncommon experiments with technology, and at times process disruption of tools, kneejerk met poetics on Instagram, loops and skits, scribbles on fine art and surfaces, extended playlists and films; often placing together the contrasts of the new and ancient, reality and myth, good and the ugly.

The exhibition is open to the public at Saskia Fernando Gallery.