Time, Mind and Space

January 2021| 110 views

Till January 12

Jagath Ravindra’s exhibition at Paradise Road depicts: the world is dynamic. It revamps itself according to the wide array of natural phenomena each second, which constitutes the 

reality of nature. Life is the result of all these interconnected events and systems. These many-splendid and vivid occurrences give meaning to life. Change marks the root of life, which nourishes every aspect of existence. Human life depends on the time and space we live in, which are the two most prominent facets that cast themselves on many attributes of mind, body and soul such as moods, mentality, and perspectives. Furthermore, time and space traverse themselves to build up relationships between people and things, while at times it could also distort all connectivity. As a human, the artist’s intention is to maintain a pleasing mind and to try to live in that mentality while working on the canvas. Maintaining the pleasing mentality is a big challenge due to the ever-changing surrounding. This collection is a different visual interpretation of the artist’s attempts to capture the pleasing moments of a mentality which, flickers and alters from time to time. The surface appearance of the final creation is a result of numerous mental stages which, can be seen as a series of constructions and destructions.

The exhibition is opened to the public at The Gallery Cafe.