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Colorful lights and toe-tapping music mesmerize your senses and you are drawn towards this hive of creativity. Serving delicious cuisine and exotic beverages, Lords reopens its doors to provide memorable experience to all their guests.

Words Udeshi Amarasinghe. | Photographs Menaka Aravinda.

Lords Restaurant is chic and modern with an artistic vibe. The ambiance created by the Founder and Chairman of Lords Restaurant, Martin Fullerton, is where guests can immerse in an unique dining experience surrounded by the art featured in the gallery.

Of course, Lords has a cricket theme as indicated by its name and there are references to the sport from the various spaces of the restaurant to the food and drink menus as well. Lords Restaurant is the ideal place to spend a leisurely evening with friends and family enjoying good music and, if you wish to watch sports too. There is a space for everyone!

The Batsman Restaurant, which is ideal for causal dining, overlooks Lewis Street, and has an elegant setting with music and lighting that creates a warm and tropical ambiance. This space then leads to the Lords Art  Gallery, which features paintings by talented Sri Lankan artists.

The Bowlers Bistro provides al fresco dining under the stars with vibrant and creative lighting giving a spacious and relaxing setting. With an open area, this space is ideal for families to enjoy themselves.

The Oval Restaurant has a trendy aura with the interior furnished in darker shades. The music gets you dancing while music videos play on the large screens.

The LBW Bar features live sports where guests can enjoy delectable cocktails and mocktails while watching sports. The Boundaries Garden Restaurant and Bar is an outdoor venue where guests can watch and enjoy sports while immersing in delicious food and beverages.

The food menu at Lords Restaurant is creative as well and features an array of Asian fusion cuisine. The spread of seafood is exquisite and the presentation of the delicious cuisine provides a sensory experience. Lords also serves a kids’ menu, vegan and gluten-free menus as well.

Lords Restaurant is now offering a 30 percent special discount on all food and beverages, while also providing other promotions for selected beverages.

Through its CSR initiative, the Hope Foundation, Lords Restaurant continues to support street dogs and cats.

Lewis Street, Negombo has come alive again with the reopening of Lords Restaurant. For good food, beverages, music and an eclectic atmosphere, Lords Restaurant will definitely provide an unforgettable experience.

Lords Restaurant
80 B, Poruthota Road Ethukala, Negombo
(+94 77) 285 3190 [email protected]
Opening hours: 6pm to 11pm