Elephant sighting along the journey to the East

February 2022| 148 views

Any time of the year, any time of the day, you are bound to meet the gentle giants scattered along the roadways of the Sella Kataragama – Buttala Road and Lahugala – Arugambay Road. As you drive through, the roads lead through the untamed jungle on either side of the roads and evergreen flora dotting the landscapes. Elephant sighting along this road is an incredible experience, and the countless encounters only keep the hype and excitement up to spot more! 

Words Swetha Ratnajothy.

Photography iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

En route to your destination, it is common to spot elephants, often crossing or standing off the roads. Spotting a majestic tusker is very rare and if you do so, then it is indeed a picture-perfect moment to cherish. You might even catch a glimpse of a leopard.

Another interesting feature to watch is the majestic giants busily enjoying the fruity treats usually left on the roadsides by passersby. Devotees of Kataragama Temple who quite often patronize the roads leave the fresh fruits from their pooja watti on the roadsides. From wood apples, bananas, and watermelons, and the sugar canes being their much-loved treats, the elephants love to indulge in the juicy treats. This is maybe the belief they behold for lord Ganesh, which resembles the appearance of an elephant.

You can get a good view of these gentle giants in their own territory, enjoying their moments joyfully at various times of the day. Elephants are often seen roaming leisurely under the scorching sun, joyfully indulging in the mud in the nearby vicinity or splashing a trunkful of dust.

Admiring these beauties in their terrain creates an incredible experience, rather unique from safari excursions. Journeying to the East Coast through Lahugala will take you through a stretch of dense landscape. You can observe baby elephants and adult elephants in herds in this area, enjoying a splash. It is a picturesque sight amidst the lush greenery with the tank often filled with water lilies. Lahugala National Park is home to elephants and several endangered species, and the Lahugala Tank spreads across a vast area attracting many varieties of wildlife. 

There is always a moment of excitement and joy arousing from the little ones, hidden amongst the parents being fondly secured and loved. Passersby usually stop to admire and capture the wonderful moments of these elephant herds in their natural habitats.

Sighting elephants is an all-time favorite. It creates lasting memories that keeps the conversations alive while traveling, and carrying those memories back is a beautiful experience to recall. 

Elephants enjoy the food left by passersby along the Sella Kataragama-Buttala Road.
Spot the gentle giants anytime as you journey on.
A warm greeting.
A majestic look.
Spotting the majestic tusker is a rare sight
Playful moments captured.
Enjoying a moment.
Amazing elephant sighting in Lahugala.
A snapshot of the gentle giants amidst lush greenery.