Bustling Lellama

March 2022| 65 views

Lellama in Negombo is a popular spot, with swarms of fishermen engaged in the fishing trade for years. The area is usually overwhelmed with fishermen unloading their catch in the early morning hours. The views of the lagoon reflect painting-like scenes; coming to life in the morning hours as the bustling Lellama is visited by buyers and sellers.

Movements of quick and vivid acts of unloading and hauling of the fresh catch will leave one awe-struck with the amount of briskness in the early morning hours. Piles and piles of freshly caught fish and other seafood will grab oneís attention. The entire process is similar to a drama in a sequence. Fishermen unload the catch at a rhythmic pace and fill the cane baskets, which are then taken to the stalls to be displayed and bargained at high pitch.

The stalls are always brimming with fish of various sizes, shapes, and varieties. The locals know that Lellama is one of the hot spots to purchase fresh fish and seafood. The bustling scene sets the idea that thereís a good catch for the day. 

Fishermen pack their prized catch in iceboxes and load it into lorries taken to various markets to be distributed. Cycle vendors fix wooden boxes filled with different types of fish, and off they leave to sell, calling out ëMaaluÖmaaluí along the busy streets. 

Walking further, one can witness rows and rows of neatly displayed of the freshest catch. Under the dim lights, the plump, silvery bodies of fish glimmer. From the yellow-fin tuna to Saalayo (Goldstripe Sardinella), Hurullo (Trenched Sardinella), Red Snappers, thick cuts of Thalapath (Indo-Pacific sailfish), lobsters, squid, crabs, jumbo prawns, ribbonfish, and more, thereís a bounty of collections on display. 

The locals know that Lellama is one of the hot spots to purchase fresh fish. The bustling scene sets the idea that there’s a good catch for the day. 

From the stalls, views of the tranquil Negombo Lagoon can be seen, with the waters often intruded by the frequent sailing of boats sailing off to embark on their duty or return. One can also witness a vibrant line-up of boats docked near the lagoon.

The Negombo Fish Market is another popular place closer to the Lellama. They can observe the varieties and sizes on display as one enters the market. Different stalls present various sizes of fish. 

Walking towards the shore, another massive display of the dry fish trade will welcome you to a world of its own. The fish are sliced and dipped in barrels that contain saltwater and laid out to dry on choir nets. The vast stretch of the sandy beach is filled with rows and rows of dried fish of varieties laid out to dry.

A drive to the Negombo Fish Market and Lellama will offer plenty of fishy experiences.  

In the morning hours, Lellama reflects a painting-like scene.
Working together quickens the task. 
Working together quickens the task. 
Working together quickens the task. 
Fish dipped in salt waters are left to absorb the saltiness. 
Another favorite – Crabs.
Red Snappers