NOLIMIT at CCC The store speaks for itself

March 2022| 70 views

The newest NOLIMIT outlet at the Colombo City Center (CCC) understands its customers’ requirements. That flair includes everything from the store’s aesthetic to presenting the items in beautiful ways, a testament to the meticulous inclusion of research into store layout and lighting. It delivers exceptional in-store experiences.

By JenniferPaldano Goonewardane. Photography Menaka Aravinda.

Clear layouts, orderly aisles, and the neat look of the NOLIMIT store at CCC allow shoppers to quickly find what they are looking for. Decorated with bright lighting, it instantly draws your eye towards each shelf. Design is an essential concept that extends beyond navigating oneself through the store. The display ethos panders to the customerís soul, interacting directly to inspire purchase in a relaxing retail experience. There is something for everyone at NOLIMIT. Everything is put together well, from neat and clean pastels, plaids, graceful flowy dresses, sprightly outfits to sophisticated, timeless pieces to old-school clothing. The open layout is beautifully tucked with broad looks and presents an uncluttered display. 

The store is a story in progress. The efficient arrangement of items is what makes the process easier. The expansive selection of retail goods in every category for every age and gender allows customers to get more done in one store. The thriving art of visual merchandising at NOLIMIT CCC, a kind of storytelling from the window display, certainly captures anyoneís attention. It encourages the passerby to cross the storeís foyer and continue to enjoy the journey that began outside. The emphasis on articulating the products on display is truly impressive. In fact, that is what puts one at ease as you walk in through the spacious entrance. A feast-like collection of items beautifully arranged for easy inspection and selection. The open layout with meticulously arranged shelves stacked with specifically marked items makes it convenient for shoppers to locate their requirements. No longer does one need to rummage through racks and hangers to find a specific retail need. The clothing categories and the product and age-specific labeling guides one through casual, formal, plus size, ethnic, party wear, sleepwear, sportswear, lingerie, footwear, accessories, and more with price points. 

The spacious store is best to navigate in this current environment, allowing shoppers to maintain their distance while enjoying the freedom to choose at ease. The NOLIMIT CCC runs a campaign of creating a loyal customer from every individual who walks in through its door. The range of products in every category is extensive, priced to suit everyoneís purse. Basically, everyone has something in there. At NOLIMIT, the hallowed tenet is that no customer should leave unfulfilled. And being welcoming is what they want to be. The store has one of the best gifts and day-to-day requirements at different prices. If itís toys you are looking for, thereís a range for learning and fun, action and adventure. From motor vehicle playsets, backhoes, dump trucks, haulers, or the more delicate dolls and soft toys to every little piece of tickling item of entertainment to keep children engrossed is displayed splendidly. The accessories corner occupies an entire wall, while one can be mesmerized before the handbag corner, aptly dubbed the ëbag plazaí with an enthralling range of handbags. Duffel, baguette, bucket, saddle, hobo, or tote, theyíre beautiful outward statements of style and an essential companion for women to straddle on their shoulders. 

Footwear, from comfortable, stylish, and lightweight in leather or rubber, fabric or suede, open or closed, are there for the pick.

The marketing philosophy at NOLIMIT is simple – to please everyone. The objective is to optimize functionality. It’s geared to be meaningful to every customer that walks in.

The marketing philosophy at NOLIMIT is simple ñ to please everyone. The objective is to optimize functionality. The store is more than merely for skimming through. Itís geared to be meaningful to every customer that walks in. Itís for the customer to feel the retail ambiance that puts them at ease immediately, looking and touching the abundance of choices available at every dedicated space. The entire family can buy all their retail requirements under one roof. The NOLIMIT in-house brands, some of which are premium like MBRK for men, exude finesse. The clothing for women and men comes in various shapes and sizes. They are in colors, and styles, serving the tastes of the boho, chic, trendy, vintage, preppy, sporty, or edgy, helping customers find their personal style from the street to the runways. Want to make a fashion statement? So, step in. You will find the trend you want to try next at NOLIMIT CCC.