Deepavali, the ‘Festival of Lights’ illuminates households and surroundings by bringing the joy of the festive mode. It is a time to share the joyous spirit with families while recalling the true essence of the festival.   The traditional celebration...
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Time, Mind and Space

Till January 12 Jagath Ravindra’s exhibition at Paradise Road depicts: the world is dynamic. It revamps itself according to the wide array of natural phenomena each second, which constitutes the  reality of nature. Life is the result of all these...
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Last Page of the Textbook

Till January 14 Muvindo Binoy’s exhibition at the Saskia Fernando Gallery is by far a theme, it’s a deliberation of the mixed bag of contemplation and process every real text book carries. Bringing together the mixed effect and the explosive...
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In the realm of Sri Lanka’s Mythical Creatures


Ancient cultures around the globe are rich in curious tales about the wisdom, the wit and the power of fascinating half- humans and beautiful yet intriguing creatures. ...
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An arty treat

For the lover of art, the many galleries in Colombo house stunning collections of art. These paintings, sculptures and creations of both the masters of art and emerging artists, not only showcase their skills, but also present to the discerning...
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