Casa Colombo Sanctuary in the City

The lounge with its intricate mosaic floor

It is a transition from one world to another. One moment you are in the heart of a bustling city, the next you have entered a quaint sanctuary where the old world meets the new in a unique blend of...
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Royal Indulgence

Colombo’s latest destination for exquisite North Indian cuisine, the Maharaja Palace takes you back through time into the grandeur of ancient Mogul palaces, the opulence of artistic North Indian décor and the mouth-watering Lucknawi savours found nowhere else in Sri...
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Ayura:Flawless Elegance

  Although tucked inconspicuously away along one of the busiest roads in Colombo, simply stepping into Ayura acquaints one with the enormous presence of opulence and splendour that the exclusive jewellery store radiates. Words Haseena Razak Photographs Indika de Silva...
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