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By the waters of Handapanagala

Beyond the quiet pulse of the town and stretches of rural roads, a man-made reservoir marks an enigmatic presence as it extends across a panoramic landscape....
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Maha Divul Wewa: Unto Its Own

The Wanni jungles, spanning across the vast Northern-Eastern plains across Sri Lanka is known for many things. Left alone for a good portion of its recent past, the forest plains hold many treasures waiting to be discovered, explored and experienced....
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Escape To 
The Other Corner

True to its name, The Other Corner reveals itself to guests like a well-kept secret. While comforts await discovery, the first impressions are of nature’s soothing greetings. ...
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Colombo Courtyard: Green Chic

Nestled in the heart of the city, amongst the hustle and bustle of one of Colombo’s liveliest streets, lies Colombo Courtyard, considered to be the first boutique hotel in South Asia to be CarbonNeutral® certified....
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